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Sunday, 18 October 2015

K-Deep - Not New To This Lyrics

Song : Not New To This
Artist : K-Deep

Not New To This Lyrics

Instrumental: 6 God by Drake

[First Verse]
Why they telling me I can’t do it?
When they don’t know a fucking thing
They see happiness as something that the money brings
And I’m the dummy here that’s fumbling
I’m done with this/ me; I’m having none of it
Jumping out the thunder still I’m wondering
They hear my words but think of me as drunk I mean
Nothing I could conjure up would ever pick me up
I need something made of substance or I’ll always be kept underneath
And as much as I would love to be the one that cuts the leash
And lets you open up your minds and wander free
I just can’t/ used to think my father could
But if he failed then I don’t stand a fucking chance
I’m hearing stories of these people past their forties
Acting borderline mature and boy this shit’s just getting boring
So I’m calling just to call out this moronic kinda BS
And alleviate this stress/ I’m going all in ‘til I’ve poured it out

[Hook: Drake]
I’m not new to this
Coming from the motherfucking 6 side
I’m not new to this
Niggas wouldn’t make it on this side
I’m not new to this
I’m not new
I’m not new

[Second Verse]
Lord knows
He knows it better than you ever could
I’m feeling so unsettled
If you knew me well you’d know for sure
I never would attack you out of hate
In fact I feel I have to say I wrote this out of love
I’m only stepping foot in these territories
Simply ‘cause I’m sick of hearing everybody
Peddling their beefs and their opinions
Every second always talking him and her
And he did this and he got that and she got this and he knows her
You react in such a way that’s so confusing to me
‘Cause I grew up with you in my head as someone to look up to
Now I’m losing you/ believe me when I say I feel so stupid
Who could look up to some people hooked on beef
And just gossiping and frolicking in politics
And all of it’s just knocking on my head
This shit’s a problem
So I’m shooting just to hook you in
And help you out before I snap and have to look towards the hookah
Temper rising ‘cause I’m trapped inside this pressure cooker
Surrounded by these people I should break my neck to look up to
But every time I look up I don’t see a thing
So only place to look now is look down
And look at all these overgrown children
Hold in my emotion with an overdose building
Sober up and hoping for a colder soul
Still sit holding onto hope although I know it won’t kill this
Bullshit so I’m diving in this pool and going comatose
Ill shit/ my anger’s got this pen in my hand
Penning this banger as penance for any disrespect
I may have sent your way
Let me reassess my manners
But this ain’t no apology
I just feel uncomfortable
I’m airing out my family but still I feel I need to do it
Just to get this off my chest
I’m mad but see I love you still
I fucking will until my end
I’ll punch your grill from time to time
In the hope I let you know just how I fucking feel
Throw dirt on my state of mind/ no doubt it’s messy
Give a shout to Messi/ put me on this beat to beat it down
And show how deadly I can get if you were to ever send a hint
That you’d go out your way to just go disrespect me
‘Cause I can be as disrespectful as Fifty dissing Game and Buck
Or Shady taking ladies and their babies
And explaining how his chainsaw’s gonna wake ‘em up
It’s crazy how I use to be
Now usually I straight up question anyone that says some shit
That’s news to me/ I’ve grown up/ still see the world as beautiful
But thing is now I just don’t act as beautifully
And I feel like friend or fam I’ll end it now
This is who I grew into/ who gives a shit?
You knew me then/ try know me now
I hold my sound in ‘til I spit
Then I’m back to laying low
I’ll show you how
You get close
You sit back
Don’t get close
Then next step – stay mellow
And then what?
You get fucking used to me


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