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Sunday, 18 October 2015

K-Deep - Deeper Lyrics

Song : Deeper
Artist : K-Deep

Deeper Lyrics

I don’t try come in with a mob deep full of soldiers
I hold my own/ a young prodigy/ pop shots at your throat
The havoc I wreak when I manage to evoke that fear in your heart
Be wary/ a fairy-tale I’m not so beware the backlash
If you try attack me and I snap back
Hats off to you/ don’t feel too badly about it
Enough with the acting
Got a palette full of gold
And a palate that evolved to reallocate my vocals
Allowing it to flow with no matter what’s going through my head
And when I pen it down I raise the level up and get it out
I never settle ‘cause I can’t
If I wanna be the best/ no rest/ no end to the bars
So I jump back up and I tell ‘em all
Nah/ ain’t going nowhere
Cerebellum going hard
Flex when I step to the mic
Pulling out all manner of stops
All the ammo I dropped in my barrel
It’s cocked/ if you manage to man up for the battle
Its on/ bring your barriers
I’m carrying my shadow and God
Fuck your loss
I fear more feeling bored when my challenge is gone

Part 2: Instrumental: Deeper by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

[First Verse]
I wonder at times am I the only one who thinks the way
I do/ I have my own world inside the world
The rest feel like my rivals
They seem more integrated mentally and socially
But me I feel removed and it’s affecting me
More and more as I grow
In a state of repose my eyes fall
When I’m meant to be staying mindful
Of whatever’s going on at the time
Too many things breaking their way in my brain
And I feel like I’m going all psycho
Improving a bit man I might do
Then I crack and I’m back in the cycle
Reflective and pledging to make a progression
Until I regress and I’m full of regret
I reckon it’s time to take heed of my dad’s advice
For real and be the man I’d like to be
Not prove my family right
They’ll see when someone hands the mic to me
And I set the ground alight

[Second Verse]
Oh my days it goes way deeper
I feel like everyone else is stuck in a daze sleeping
All cut off from a bigger picture mentally
Tied up to their own cerebrum/ nothing else
Disconnected from the wider world
I tapped into a thought that pushed me in a void
That three years later I tried so hard to just avoid
But it’s still there/ real clear
That memory that still instils fear
And it feels weird even now when tryna read it out
I can’t describe it/ it’s hard enough when making sense of it myself
‘Cause I’ve been hiding this for time
‘Cause people just won’t understand it
They’ll label you insane or tell you nothing really happened
And I hate it! This mentality is so basic
Learn some empathy I beg of you
Just because you never had it doesn’t mean it don’t exist
Physically, emotionally or mentally
Sad that you ignore it to the point that it’s upsetting me

[Third Verse]
I talk to people smoking weed who see with three eyes
Forget the first/ forget the second
It’s the third that peaks my interest
I’m quick to get some answers just it seems like
The further I go into it those minds they kinda meet mine
Not to dwell on simple things I dive in with a deep mind
To the point sometimes I feel detached
At times I just don’t feel right
Reality’s choked out by these steel pipes and to free myself?
Obsessing over something else
Keep my mind away and that leads me on to kill time
Reading/ watching TV/ anything easy just to feel serene
I’m sealed tight when it comes to weed
I tried it once/ took in too much
Was tripping out that whole night
And nah I won’t try again ‘cause I know myself
So don’t try attempt to even be tempting
I’ll just roll by unphazed
Trust me I feel waved upon a day-to-day
You’d never dream to put a joint up in my mouth
If we could trade our minds for one day
Try stick with mine for one day

So yeah, goes way deeper
Deeper than me and you
That’s from me to you
None of this surface level
Basic mentality kinda thing
I’ve gotta go to work man


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