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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Busta Rhymes - Real Niggas Lyrics feat. Rick Ross

Song : Real Niggas
Artist : Busta Rhymes feat. Rick Ross

Real Niggas Lyrics

[Busta Rhymes:]
Check this out right here yo
(Jahlil Beats, Holla at me)
This about a God still gettin' it
Green Jackets, winning masters
Where your membership?
You think you go hard?
Nigga we go harder
When you see the kid
Respect the Godfather
I'm a real nigga this is for the real
I'm a real nigga this is for the real
Presidents in the same direction
When I line up my money
Couple bitches to take the time out
To line 'em up for me
Nigga tryin' to front
What the hell is they drinkin'
Don't you see I ain't do it?
What the fuck is you thinkin?
Yeah we scarin' these niggas
Face up on wanted posters
Don't compare me ('n) you nigga
See it's the God
You ain't notice?
(ahe', ahem) Gotta do it
Clear my shit up and focus
While I whip me a spacecraft
My bitch in a Lotus
Niggas know that they owe us (pay up)
Strangle niggas like boas
See the way how we get this money
And bubble like sodas
Throw it back to the future
Bitch we back feelin' super
Diamonds out of Uganda
Fine wine from Mustafa
Special bud from the Rastas
Lots of money in safe deposits
They stashed in them lockers [?]
Animal designer coats for the winter
The way I sting or I stick out
Just like a thorn or a splinter
Anything that I pick out
Is like a score for the [?]
Imported shit from Milan
Forgive me Lord for this sinnin' (I'm sayin)
We flat linin' e'ything
Understand me killa?
Headlinin' the news
You need more paper for the printer
[Rick Ross:]
(M-m-m-m-Maybach Music)
This 'bout a young nigga gettin' it
Sellin' dope for them NBA benefits
Boat I'm on lookin' like a fuckin' cruise line
Bought the same Allen Iversons two times
I'm a real nigga this is for the real
Bought the restaurant, now make my fuckin' meal
My husltin's rare
Her pussy medium-well
They rather go blind before they see me excel
Read my name on the block
They like, "What has he bought?"
Ballin' out at [?]
Richard Mosse on the wall
Niggas never attend
They only pretend
Bought a Basquiat cash
I paid 'em in tens
[?] to my Zo's
Gotta stay on my toes
Everybody just froze
Salasia in the ghost
Better pray to the Lord
Nigga payin' this rent
Shots rang out
Niggas sprayin' the Benz
But the Devil's a li'(ar)
Once again I arose
Pullin' up to my shows
Bullet holes in the Rolls
I'm ghost
(M-m-m-m-Maybach Music)
Double 'M'
Busta Bust'
Long Money
(M-m-m-m-Maybach Music)
Yo what's good man
It's [?] ridin', you nameen?
Make sure you artists got that boom-bap in ya life man
You nameen?


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