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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Rhett & Link - Christmas Carol Caption Fail Lyrics

Song : Christmas Carol Caption Fail
Artist : Rhett & Link

Christmas Carol Caption Fail Lyrics

We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you were married priest mysterious
Your Mary prisoners
And a happy New Year

To try it is we
Managers came to try
To use for wrestlers
Set up that the new year

Although they're outside is frightful
But the pirate so delightful
Insisted no place to go
There is no, that is now, let us know

Chess match rusting envelope inside
Jet for us nipping at your end
What into do sundial clown
And folks mister that like this too

Read off the rent those reindeer
And there is anything that will
And if you ever saw annually
In St. Louis

The hall flute of the father of sisters
Of lola la la la la not
Ease into these are the follow up
Bottle of laugh laugh la la la
Done we now are getting a parallel
Fav la la la la la ah ah well
Trawl the antidote arterial
File I love that Lila while what

Obama house upgrade your calls
Out of school Santa Claus
In world lawsuits or toys
Offer the little ones Christmas tours

Pope hopeful who wouldn't go
Pope or will who would go
Well last up to
To the here balanced acidity
Them through the chimney without saying that

Better watch out
You better not Proactiv®
Better that bad on cellular
Center close promptly students of
He's made commitment of this
Projected west
Is going to find out who's not a nice
Says it was his company suit

Suckling man manner to the lamb
You're initially
You're initially
Way up in the Scion Lynn
Will vote drugs and it's the kind
Will vote drugs and it's the kind
Bus drivers stunts
Dancing maniac
With Ted in the car
Where the test bed advertised

On the well that grants must match
Cards so that's absolutely
Plan for Mr. Mean
And actors putting
10 military paying manly
Mandate is that same
Animator came
Seven sponsors wearing
Flap toddler reasons
Well coming but
Experienced ranch hands
Two fertile doves
That their car accident mention the

Midst of are not the reason is simple for a
Tributes from ones in the nineties
Although with friends send
Many times
Many away
Many careerism
Manicurist mutts
Merry charisma wrist to you


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