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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Carnage - Take Me Lyrics

Song : Take Me
Artist : Carnage

Take Me Lyrics

Sometimes in my mind I stop and then I find you there.
It's not so much a simple touch but I cant, bare this.
If I know she knows you know she knows, she knows, and it shows.
Fly away today and break your chains and I'll say,
Break me
Make me
(shake me)
Shake me
(and take me)
And take me, (baby...)

That was fun but were not done, please give me more (please give me more)
Time that flies within your eyes, I'm hypnotized, for,
What's in store were on the floor please lock the door, oh.
I'm an addict, kinda tragic, gotta have it.
Break me, break me, take me, take me, shake me, shake me.

Take me away again [x6]


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