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Friday, 13 November 2015

Max Schneider - Smile Lyrics

Song : Smile
Artist : Max Schneider

Smile Lyrics

I remember Burt's Bees covered lips
With a taste of peanut butter on her tongue, yeah yeah
I remember the way she moved her hips
And the feelings that I had when we were so young

Now I'm older but the feeling's still the same
Can't help but smile when I hear her name
I still wonder if it's just a rumor
That this kinda thing don't happen more than once or twice, no

I take out my heart and give you a slice
Give passion a chance, save some room for romance
And smile
Just smile

And I remember when we were together
Hoping these times would last forever
And I remember you and I looking at each other wondering why

Laughing about Barbies and elves trapped in the city, no
Got no makeup on but you still look so damn pretty
And I guess you could say I'm thinking bout you every day
And I'm smiling, smiling girl, I'm smiling, I'm smiling girl
I'm smiling baby, smiling, smiling, I'm smiling


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