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Friday, 27 November 2015

Lil Wayne - I'm Nice Lyrics

Song : I'm Nice
Artist : Lil Wayne

I'm Nice Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Wait a minute
Wait a minute, where you going?
Ain't my business where you going
I just want something before you go
Why you in your feelings when I wanna feel something?
Why you in your personal tryin' take something?
Why you on your phone up at 2 in the morning?
Who the fuck you talking to at 2 in the morning girl?
I swear I'm wit my side bitch baby
Cuz I don't have time for your matrix shit
And if the side bitch start acting crazy
I'm run to the next side bitch and tell her don't chase me baby
Feel like its over, you know its over when, you get my feelings in time and shit
Lemme show you something girl
And it's gonna be nice
Feel like I owe you something, lemme show you something girl
I'm nice, T I'm nice, Steez I'm nice


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