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Friday, 27 November 2015

Duck Sauce - Chariots Of The Gods Lyrics

Song : Chariots Of The Gods
Artist : Duck Sauce feat. Rockets

Chariots Of The Gods Lyrics

It's time
What is that?

Those floating machines
Are becoming so perfected
I can see now how the prophecy
Has been fulfilled

We come to your planet
As emissaries of universal intelligence
I'm convinced that the earth
Is being visited
By intelligent controlled extraterrestrial vehicles (That's impossible!)

What is it?
...Behavior of UFOs in the sky...
...So called flying sauces in other words are real...

Chariots of the gods

They're attacking us!

Chariots of the gods

Gods [x4]

In the beginning
Was the world
And the world
Was duck

And love the world of duck
Was quack
A sound that replicates
The sound of the grand opening crack
Of the primordial egg

In that X-Over Omnia epigenetic moment in the govt. of Emend
A quack sound
That is echoless to the ears of duckless misogynists
On a tunnel to the succular custardes of duck sauce

Those ignorants whose minds
Have not been En-duck-ated in Duckology 101
And who are bast not acquainted of the teachings of duck
And more over hypocriteness to the duck

Here's through the eva
The bial unique beats of
Electro-chemical fusion of
Techno-funk final scratching
That makes our tail feathers


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