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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Cadell - Hotline 3 Lyrics

Song : Hotline 3
Artist : Cadell

Hotline 3 Lyrics

I made songs at 14 but you can't top fire in the cemetery
I couldn't find a road I could park on
Stormzy tried to indirect
But Michael, brush your teeth and have a bath, don
Where do you know me from?
"BMO 2", anybody could've wrote that song
"BMO"'s hard, don't quote this wrong
But ask your girl what they're hoping on
Had her wiling to my single
You would've thought she was single
But I know my girl's loyal so I put her face in a single
With you, it's not that simple
Go get a GRAMMY and an Oscar, who cares?
You could've said my name before but you got too scared
If I back my ting, I'll have Mike running
Leave Adidas alone, go and buy something
And the time's coming, say goodbye
To all the fans you lied to, they don't like you
You ain't better than me, you was giving out creps for sales
Man, it's funny what bribes do
I was giving out songs for the airplay
Wouldn't want the money if I made it their way
And anytime I hear man talking shit
In my bag are a packet of AirWaves
Do you want one? Take a pack
Matter of fact, I've got a few, take the stack
Chewing a few, your flow might get better
[?] your hook's light's like feathers
Album out soon, alie, mad shellers
He's little Bow Wow overnight, he fell off
Know my Nando's, [?]
Talk about heads, take ten off
'Bout to end off, joking, I just started
Don't let me hear you were spotted in the market
Don't be fooled, he ain't the only target
But I had to show Michael what bars is
Said he don't talk too much but he's tarking
Could've been a heart-stained boy, I'mma bark him
Man are like "Cadell, why the digs for?"
And I reply "shut up, ask him"
You dug your own grave
They said I've got no chill, I said "I know, mate"
I don't even really chat to my old mates
MCs try to diss, I'm like "oh, wait"
Now I'm [?] my own lane, skipped traffic
Went and robbed some roadway shit rappers
You should know that I play no games
I ain't gotta say postcodes or road names
Cause I'm already known for my own name
Matter of fact, rep for the borough in Bow's name
How you gonna do a war dub with no name?
That's a kid ting, defeats the whole game
I'm a loose screw and I'm ready to kill the whole game
If I don't then it's back to the slow game
If you're a Stormzy fan, you've got no taste

About shootings, I don't come on the mic about shootings
I come on the mic and show them they're losing
Yeah, I've got a holiday sponsorship
Lots of gifts? OK, all-inclusive
07950 798805, my brudda, let's do this
07950 798805, my brudda, I'm shooting
Trust me


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