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Friday, 23 October 2015

Trevor Wesley - Why Lyrics

Song : Why
Artist : Trevor Wesley

Why Lyrics

I never felt lonelier
My skies are grey and I am stuck here just missing her, and yesterday
People try understand what feeling, while I'm tryna figure out a good reason, girl...

Oh I not alone tonight
Oh why did you hang me up to dry (oh why)
Oh please you got me on my knees
Oh why did you have to go and leave me

Yeah I never felt so helpless
The things you use to do
Keep on running through on my mind.. over and over
I can't stop oh I wont stop thinking baby
I..I can shop around for another lady
Cause you make me feel like I never felt there's nobody else
How am I supposed to let you go I put my all on the shelves for you...


Girl... I must to bend in the wrong cause you left me
There's nothing for me to do
So I guess I pick myself..
I cross myself..
And try again and move on even tho I still wonder oh why...



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