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Monday, 19 October 2015

Filnobep - Trap Bill Cosby Lyrics

Song : Trap Bill Cosby
Artist : Filnobep

Trap Bill Cosby Lyrics

[Verse 1]
(Turn Up) Popping out the Pussy
Pop it like it's pudding
Beat the booty like Theo
You gon' get a whoopin'
Where the hell is Clare?
I think she's upstairs
Rollin' Up a fat blunt
While Vanessa combs my hair
It's Trap Bill Cosby
No Rap Bill Cosby
I'm Rape Bill Cosby
Now Who Gon' Stop Me?
You Want Bill Huxtable?
Well, I'm Bill Fuckable
Watch me hit that Nae Nae
Then I hit the Cupid Shuffle
Girl work them booty muscles
Then twerk them booty muscles
These hoes know I'm Ballin'
They Call me Bill Russell
Pop the molly, she sweatin' (Whoo!)
Pop the ruby she passed out
Waking up in a taxi cab
Wondering why her ass out
2 blunts and I pass out
Bitch Pull that cat out
On a leather couch
On a 60' watching' Fat Albert in the traphouse
(Bitch you don't want to fuck Bill?
Who don't wanna fuck Bill?
Put the bitch on the phone
Tell her take a pill)(x2)
Now, Now, Right Now
(This is The Best Trap Music I've Ever Heard)


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