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Friday, 23 October 2015

Chip - Duppy Riddim Lyrics

Song : Duppy Riddim
Artist : Chip

Duppy Riddim Lyrics

Best in the game, it's bait who's gonna be here
Man wan; see me dead, God said I ain't going nowhere
I've got fuckboys trying to end my career
One pad, one pen, no fear when I'm here
North London to the end, I swear
Fuck it, I'm taking it there
Cuh man wanna laugh and joke
Like being an innocent child and seeing a murder's funny
Blood all over mummy
In front of the whole estate, in front of the boy's mummy
For years I hated my family
And found a father in Baff
I'm a man now, I ain't gotta do what my parents say
I'll pepper this claf
Snitch? Are you mad
Come on then, come on then, come
Facts for me? You ain't got none
I've been rushed, robbed, held gunpoint, battered
Never called babylon once
The devil is on my case, go to hell
God flow, got my pen off the rails
You wanna chat about snitch every song you make
You snitch on yourself
You dunno how dead you are
You're gonna run out of bars like I said you are
Dissing me for pop songs from years back
In 2015, you're Tinie's dawg
Just come grime fans don't know jack shit
Hold a history class
Won't win a clash, no chance, you won't last
Don't let me show up at Eskimo Dance
Real mandem will rate this when they hear this
Pentonville, bang yourselves when you hear this
Mario, bang yourself when you hear this
Luigi's going so HAM, can you hear him?
Can't play Chippy at chess, have you lost your mind
Psychological pain on grime
Your family bruk up, so did mine
You went for robbery, I grabbed the mic
I grabbed the pen, you hit the pen
I hit the stage, you hit the bench
Now you wanna flex? Big up your chest
(Bluku pow pow), don't try it again
You wanna take my crown
Stop getting people's videos taken down
Real life, no acting
Chipmunk's still on a madting
Man wanna clash, oi what's the price?
But I want you and Patrick
Some wannabe Rooney taking shots
Don't let me give you another Hat-Trick
I wish those spitters from the past who tried it
Will come back now, I'll nice them
The way I write is too slicing
If they took the gamble, I'll dice them
Man can't bring down CM
You'd be mad if I told you who in your life
Is hitting me up on the DM
"Dickhead" on iTunes at 12pm
"Dickhead" on iTunes at 12pm
"Dickhead" on iTunes at 12pm
"Dickhead" on iTunes at 12pm
What we saying?
I know you man just might run out-
Can't come back, Chip can get-

Put it all out there, fuck it
About say it to my face when I've never seen you in my life and you've got all this hate, what up to you? Allow it
Best in the game, it's bait who's gonna be here
Man wan' see me dead but I am not going nowhere, yeah


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