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Sunday, 18 October 2015

K-Deep - On The Page... Lyrics

Song : On The Page...
Artist : K-Deep

On The Page... Lyrics

Instrumental: 1 Sec by Novelist & Mumdance

Eyes opened hoping to go sleep
Wait, wrong lyric sheet…

In a real tight space I will be like ‘Ye like
“Hey! Put the camera down…”

Alright let’s do it for real this time…

Alright let me start from scratch
I’m itching to pull like a marksman tracking his target
Heart set on blasting back
Yeah I slip sometimes/ can be dopey
So many people they wanna try open me up
But I hardly crack
Pure white noise in my ears when I’m closed off
Glasses stashed in the car in fact
So I can’t see nor hear you
In my own little Universe
A student roaming the campus
Feel like it’s me verse Uni
I can’t relax
Energy pent up/ need to release for a whole lot of enemies
If you’re hearing this now then it’s too late
Better take care/ LP 2 Drake
Better cover them jewels or run
Before I kill a mic and El-P you mate
Eliminate pricks that’s shorthand
So high that you can’t reach up to my level
Don’t try when you’re coming up short fam always
You can bank on these wack emcees getting sautéed
I mean just look at how much time I’ve spent on it – all day
Times by three six five times that by twelve
Better call Wayne/ tell him he can bet upon this new young money
And I don’t need Baby to pay me
I’ll just get these babies to pay up
Whine ‘bout their cars and their diamonds
Who you tryna be? Brag about the girls you bang
That you’ll take mine too
Well I’ll take all yours and I’ll start to ménage with them
While you stay quiet and I’ll be like
Yo, your boy’s kinda meek
Too many lies in his speech
Ether/ iced out/ rest in your diamond piece
Like I care…
I can do this three ways
That Nas/ Eminem/ Jay-Z way
And your girl loves when the beats bang hard
Top secret you won’t see the beat-tape
Insecure/ full of doubt/ let me kill ‘em now
A three-headed beast on beats
Like Dre and Kanye at J.Dilla’s house
Pounding that bass/ take away one letter
Nah, settle down…
Drunk off pure spirit but I’m sober though
‘Cause those spirits I spit ‘em out
Can’t refill it ‘cause I don’t feel it
In the same way that my pen got me spilling out
Personal preference/ what’s worse than pretending?
Don’t work under pretence so I’ve been ordered to murder the sentence
I’ll be the judge of my own life
Don’t try air me out ‘til I can’t breathe
Forced to concede with my life on the clothesline
That’s not worth me addressing
Any further ascension I might as well take off
That’s KD/ J/ Mike/ AMoZ
Roll with the same squad
Since day one and it’s stayed strong
Got me through times when I was disheartened
When anxiety showed outta nowhere and switched me up
Knew I had to put in work when that shift started
Devil in my ear/ tell him “let him go now”
I tried to ignore it but my ears still ring
So I pull both headphones out
He keeps on calling/ oh my God!
I was hol’ed up in a zone and lost
Looking at myself in the mirror like
“Bro, where do you know me from?!”
Mind stirring up a storm/ zero chance for escape
Life never owes you one
I don’t really care what they told you bruv
Life’s but a dream that they sold you
‘Cause it won’t work all the time
It’s the coldest run
Stress upon blessings each lesson we take is displaying your suffering
When you go seek out a niche for yourself in a world
That could not care less if you breathe or not
It’s tragic in fact when you’re seeking out Nietzsche
And find that you’re looking for life
That defies what a life really means I mean
I mean…what do I mean? See…
Damn…how’d I get here?

On a stream of conscious
I need some water
I feel so offset
Scheming and plotting
Feeling to drop this
Let the heat from it seep in noxious
Quenching your thirst? Nah I’ll leave you a droplet
Be so obnoxious
Scream at the top-end
Frequency topping
Frequently drop gems
A beast without a beat I’ll beat who I offend
Top tier beats ensuite on fleek
Let me stop there


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