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Sunday, 18 October 2015

2.20 - Painted Pictures Interlude Lyrics

Song : Painted Pictures Interlude
Artist : 2.20

Painted Pictures Interlude Lyrics

Now some people really think that I can't rap ,like aw your from a farm
Ah your from a county side
For those of you that think I can't rap
Let me spit something

I'm a VIP verified immature player alligators on my feed
Mediators take your seat
Okay see and learn I'll leave them speechless out of
Bounds like son and Venus
Bit of a Genius yeah I mean it telekinesis when spit
So legit
I do masculine or intimate bravado I invented it
Your genre I am into it
I Limited the confession I'm not innocent of the crime
I diminished then I killed the life of every single rhyme
Now check it
You will not diss one of my songs because
I kill it and deliver it like Indiana Jones
See I make them fall them attack like a animal or Hannibal Lecter
You know that I will dissect yeah
I do what I do that's perfection display
Up in the booth and it's not Election Day
The type of flow to make these honeys wetter then Precipitation
God dam In ready to begin eliminating
Biggie ability not physically but lyrically monumental like the statue of liberty
Son of a builder so you know I got the tools
Raised to be nice but I'll exterminate the fools
Terminator rule using oxygen as fuel you wanna fight in approximately one minute you will lose
Stepped in a room of gorillas and they wanted to escape like refugees
Because the way I see it not black-and-white like referees

2.20 who is really testing me
Two Dot Two Zero the new De Niro

Now I really think I proved my point their what do you think
Anyway let's back to the Mixtape Painted Pictures


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